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All day Dear Mr. Mandela, Dear Mrs. Parks: Children's Letters, Global Lessons
Exhibits (Museum, Gardens, ...) (MSU Museum - Main Gallery)
Michigan State University and the MSU Museum, in partnership with the Nelson Mandela Museum and the Keeper of the Word Foundation, helped ci...
Entrepreneurship and Engagement: Building a Bridge of Prosperity Between Romania and North America.
Conferences / Seminars / Lectures (Marriott Hotel, East Lansing)

Unpacking Collections: The Legacy of Cuesta Benberry, An African American Quilt Scholar
Exhibits (Museum, Gardens, ...) (MSU Museum - Heritage Gallery)
This exhibition is an attempt to understand the work of Cuesta Benberry, one of America's important collector/scholars, through interacting ...
"Avelution" Birds in the Development of Darwin's Theory of Evolution
Exhibits (Museum, Gardens, ...) (MSU Museum - West Gallery)
Naturalist Charles Darwin was strongly influenced by avian examples while he was developing the Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection. Bi...
8:00am Atopic Dermatitis
Conferences / Seminars / Lectures (Sparrow Hospital Auditorium)
Pediatric Grand Rounds presented by: Jenny DeMore, MD and Ridhu Burton, MD, Allergy and Asthma Consultants of Mid-Michigan, Lansing, Mich...
11:30am Biochemistry & Molecular Biology - Dr. Ruma Banerjee, University of Michigan
Conferences / Seminars / Lectures (Biochemistry, 101)
B12 Trafficking
4:00pm The effect of maternal obesity on childhood weight status: An exploration of possible mechanisms
Conferences / Seminars / Lectures (E4 Fee Hall)
It has been suggested that the prenatal and early infancy periods may be important times for development of life-long obesity. However, lim...
4:10pm Chemistry Colloquium
Conferences / Seminars / Lectures (Chemistry Room 136)
Professor Anne McNeil of the University of Michigan will present a seminar entitled "Responsive Molecular Gels: Bridging the Gap Between Rat...
7:00pm Open City (Roma, Citta Apperta)
Movie / Film (Main Library, North Conference Room (W449))
Open City (Roma, Citta Apperta)(1945)
Directed by Roberto Rossellini

An early landmark of cinematic realism, ...
7:30pm Percussion ensemble
Performing Arts (Dance, Music, Theatre, ...) (Music Building Auditorium)

8:00pm Free bowling & billiards
Student Events (MSU Union)
FREE bowling @ Spartan Lanes & pool @ U-Cue Bring your floor or bring a friend and get your game on!