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All day Unpacking Collections: The Legacy of Cuesta Benberry, An African American Quilt Scholar
Exhibits (Museum, Gardens, ...) (MSU Museum - Heritage Gallery)
This exhibition is an attempt to understand the work of Cuesta Benberry, one of America's important collector/scholars, through interacting ...
Dear Mr. Mandela, Dear Mrs. Parks: Children's Letters, Global Lessons
Exhibits (Museum, Gardens, ...) (MSU Museum - Main Gallery)
Michigan State University and the MSU Museum, in partnership with the Nelson Mandela Museum and the Keeper of the Word Foundation, helped ci...
"Avelution" Birds in the Development of Darwin's Theory of Evolution
Exhibits (Museum, Gardens, ...) (MSU Museum - West Gallery)
Naturalist Charles Darwin was strongly influenced by avian examples while he was developing the Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection. Bi...
8:00am "A Few Lessons from Evolutionary Biology about Human Lactation: What it takes to get it started and
Conferences / Seminars / Lectures (Sparrow Hospital Auditorium)
Presented by Mari Douma, DO, Associate Professor, Dept. of Pediatrics, College of Osteopathic Medicine. At the end of the presentation, att...
8:00am Art & Art History 2010 Faculty Exhibition
Exhibits (Museum, Gardens, ...) (Kresge Art Museum)
Opening Reception: September 10 from 7-9PM - Kresge Art Museum
8:00am Art & Art History MFA All Media Exhibition
Exhibits (Museum, Gardens, ...) (Kresge Art Center - Gallery 101 & 114)
An inter-disciplinary exhibition featuring the work of Master of Fine Arts students in Ceramics, Graphic Design, Painting, Printmaking, and ...
12:00pm Internal Medicine Club Meeting
Student Events (E202 East Fee, DMC G029, and Macomb UC3-208)
Speaker from the ACOI
12:30pm Neuroscience Program Seminar
Conferences / Seminars / Lectures (1425 BPS)

3:00pm Coffee Breaks - Finding your first grant opportunity
Conferences / Seminars / Lectures (North Conference Rm., Main Library)
Learn about research proposal topics in 1-hour coffee breaks for new faculty, early career faculty and other MSU faculty interested in fundi...
3:30pm The Evolution of Placentas in the Fish Family Poeciliidae: An Empirical Study of Macroevolution
Conferences / Seminars / Lectures (115 Eppley Center)
Topic: The Evolution of Placentas in the Fish Family Poeciliidae: An Empirical Study of Macroevolution. Speaker: David Reznick, University o...
4:00pm Successive Pregnancies: A Frame for the Study of Maternal Obesity
Conferences / Seminars / Lectures (E4 Fee Hall (in basement))
Epidemiology Seminar presented by guest speaker Eduardo Villamor, M.D., M.P.H., Dr.P.H., Associate Professor, Environmental Health Sciences,...
4:00pm In the Shadow of Islamophobia: The United States and the Muslim World
Conferences / Seminars / Lectures (International Center)
Ali Mazuri, eminent public intellectual and Albert Schweitzer Professor in the Humanities, Professor in Political Science, African Studies a...
4:00pm Department of Geological Sciences Seminar Series
Conferences / Seminars / Lectures (204 Natural Science Building)

Dr. Kamini Singha

Pennsylvania State University

When Good Mathematical Models Go Bad: An Exploration of "Anomalous" ...

8:00pm Transaction
Student Events
Transaction is a support/social group for Transgendered, Intersex, Genderqueer students and their allies. If you are interested in attendi...