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All day Ticket Sale: Easton Corbin in Concert with Jana Krammer
Special Events (Wharton Center Box Office)
Ticket sales begin Friday, September 19 at 10:00am through the Wharton Center Box Office. MSU Student Price: $10 limit 2 per ID Publi...
Turtles in Trouble
Exhibits (Museum, Gardens, ...) (MSU Museum)
Turtles survived the great extinction that ended the reign of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago, and they withstood the ice ages that ended...
They Passed Like a Cloud: Extinction and the Passenger Pigeon
Exhibits (Museum, Gardens, ...) (MSU Museum)
Once Earth's most abundant bird - as many as 3-5 billion -- it's been estimated that one of every three North American birds was a Passenger...
Earth Stories
Exhibits (Museum, Gardens, ...) (MSU Museum)
Earth Stories celebrates the stories of people or projects that enhance the planet, make a significant difference in restoring and/or protec...
8:30am Construction Junction
Special Events (See "More information" link for location details)
Construction Junctions allow Infrastructure Planning and Facilities to provide regular opportunities for dialogue and engagement, in support...
12:00pm Sally Rose: "More Than Memory Sticks" in RCAH's LookOut! Art Gallery
Exhibits (Museum, Gardens, ...) (Second Floor, Snyder-Phillips Hall)
From September 29 through October 24, 2014, visit the RCAH LookOut! Art Gallery for "More Than Memory Sticks," a fiber and handmade paper sc...
12:10pm Beal Garden Tour: Plants with Potential Dangers to Family and Pets
Public Programs (Beal Botanical Garden)
Tour the W.J. Beal Botanical Garden with the assistant curator Peter Carrington. We will be focusing on the plants that pose risks, chemica...
3:00pm Environmental Science and Policy Program Distinguished Lecture
Conferences / Seminars / Lectures (Lake Huron room, MSU Union)
Dr. Amy Glasmeier, MIT, on "Energy Needs for Our Urbanizing World: What to Expect and How to Achieve a Low Carbon Future"
4:10pm Department of Chemistry Analytical Seminar
Conferences / Seminars / Lectures (136 Chemistry)
Professor Rena Robinson, University of Pittsburgh, will present a Department of Chemistry Analytical Seminar on October 9. Host: Professor...
5:30pm MSU Women in STEM Keynote Address
Conferences / Seminars / Lectures (Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center)
Learn how to create new and exciting opportunities in your career by becoming more resilient through challenging times. Join us for a rec...
6:00pm "Advice to the Egyptians (and other Arabs) from the Founding Fathers"
Public Programs (Kellogg Center, Big Ten C)
James Madison College Annual Founders Circle event featuring Gordon Wood, Alva O. Way University Professor Emeritus at Brown University and ...