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Mon, Jul 22, 2024

MSU Events Calendar

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7:00am Field Crops Virtual Breakfast
Conferences / Seminars / Lectures
Every Thursday at 7 a.m. from April 16 through Sept. 10, you can get the latest information from our MSU field crop specialists and educator...
11:00am Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Colloquium Series
Conferences / Seminars / Lectures (Zoom)
Ryan Hunter from the University of Minnesota will be presenting "Good bugs gone wild: "Commensal" microbiota in chronic airway disease." ...
1:00pm Homeownership Webinar
Conferences / Seminars / Lectures
This homeownership seminar from MSU Extension will provide you with valuable information about the home buying process, and will teach you t...
1:00pm Stable Links Workshop
Training (Online)
This Zoom workshop will guide participants through the process of integrating journal articles, e-book chapters, or streaming media into the...
1:00pm Math Seminar Series
Conferences / Seminars / Lectures (See Math Seminars page for zoom link)
Student Algebra & Combinatorics Joshua Ruiter from MSU will be speaking. The title of the presentation is "Galois descent." This semin...
2:30pm Math Seminar Series
Conferences / Seminars / Lectures (Online Via Zoom)
Applied Mathematics Rima Alaifari from ETH Zurich will be speaking. This meeting will be held online, you can find the Zoom link at ht...
3:30pm Ecology, Evolutionary Biology and Behavior Seminar
Conferences / Seminars / Lectures (118 Eppley Center)
Seminar hosted by MSU's Ecology, Evolutionary Biology and Behavior Program. "Town Hall Meeting: The Future of EEBB" is lead by Elise Zipk...
4:00pm Physiology Research Seminar
Conferences / Seminars / Lectures (1425 Biomedical Physical Science)
Department of Physiology - C. C. Chou Endowed Webinar Presentation The speaker is Professor Kai Zhang from the University of Illinois at ...
4:10pm Microbiology & Molecular Genetics Seminar
Conferences / Seminars / Lectures (View seminar schedule for Zoom Link)
Weekly research seminars hosted by the Department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics. Greg Bonito from MSU will be presenting at a s...
7:00pm Peer Mentors
Student Events (Zoom)
Peer Mentors will be providing a S2UE1 Microbiology (MMG532) exam review session for the class of 2024.
9:00pm Studio (in)Process at Home
Public Programs (Facebook Live)
We're bringing Studio (in)Process to you! We miss getting together and making art on Thursday nights at the MSU Broad Art Lab, so let's crea...