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Birth-weight-specific mortality curves: Are appearances deceiving?  (Conferences / Seminars / Lectures)

The association between birth weight and early mortality is among the strongest seen in epidemiology. While preterm delivery causes both small births and high mortality, it does not explain the association. The nature of the relatio nbetween birth weight and mortality is subject to debate. Among the evidence against a causal effect of birth weight on mortality often have better survival than small babies from a lower-risk population. This phenomenon can in principle be explained entirely by the presence of unmeasured confounding factors that increased mortality and decrease birth weight. This talk describes how the birth-weight-specific mortality curve may be accurately reproduced assuming strong confounding and no causal effect of birth weight on mortality. These same assumptions can, additionally, demonstrate how unknown confounders can cause mortality curves stratified by known risk factors to intersect. Presented by Dr. Olga Basso of the National Institutes of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) as part of the Department of Epidemiology's Spring Seminar Series.

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Location: C102 East Fee Hall
Price: free
Sponsor: public
Contact: Ashley James
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