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Cognitive Science Distinguished Speaker Series - Professor Edward Kravitz of Harvard University  (Conferences / Seminars / Lectures)

Dr. Edward Kravitz of Harvard University gives a talk entitled "Genetic manipulations in the fruit fly fight club: sex and war in a single gene and other stories." The talk will be held as a part of the Cognitive Science Distinguished Speaker Series.

Abstract for talk: Male and female flies fight in same sex pairings. Some of the behavioral patterns seen during fights are the same in male and female flies: some are sex selective. The fruitless gene of the sex determination hierarchy plays a role in determining whether flies fight like males or females. Male flies establish hierarchical relationships while females do not. Learning and memory accompany the establishment of these relationships, and defeated flies develop a "loser mentality" in which they lose all second fights. Decision making of whether to court or fight in male flies depends on cues from primary senses, and also on the behavior of a second fly. As in other species, amines serve roles in multiple behaviors in flies. Using genetic methods, the function of single amine neurons can be altered, allowing definition of the behavioral functions served by these neurons. These and other topics will be covered in this seminar.

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Location: 118 Psychology [map]
Price: free
Sponsor: public
Contact: Jessica Gamache
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