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Black Holes and Globular Clusters: Sparkling Hosts of Frozen Stars  (Public Programs)

Professor Jay Strader Professor Jay Strader describes: A globular cluster can contain a million stars but those stars are very old. Some of these stars have already become white dwarfs, with the mass of a sun compacted into the size of the Earth. Others have become neutron stars, with a mass of more than the sun packed into the size of a city. But do globular clusters contain the ultimate compact mass -- black holes? New observations say that some of them do. Globular clusters and the search for their elusive black holes are the topic of this talk.

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Location: Abrams Planetarium [map]
Price: Adults $3.00, students and senior citizens $2.50, children 12 years and under $2.00
Sponsor: Physics Astronomy Department
Contact: Mary Gowans
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phone pic 517-355-4676