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LOCUS: Visualizing and Narrating Space  (Conferences / Seminars / Lectures)

Call for Proposals deadline: November 9, 2015.
Please submit abstracts no longer than 300 words.
Partners: School of Journalism and Department of Geography
With the advent of digital tools for mapping and geographic information systems (GIS), the increased ability to narrate stories and conduct research over space and time has furnished scholars with new opportunities to visualize their work geospatially. Equally, the adoption of other visualization approaches-from graphs and trees to network diagrams and infographics-has enriched discussions and provided arguments on a variety topics, cutting across the humanities, social sciences, and sciences-as well as beyond the academy. This LOCUS seeks to bring together the narration and visualization of space to examine how scholars and journalists use these new tools and techniques in the their work-whether with fully developed projects, projects in process, or ideas for new projects.
Sponsored by the School of Journalism and the Department of Geography, this LOCUS, "Narrating and Visualizing Space," encourages participation from those working in any field whose research and writing touches on these approaches or uses these techniques.

Please submit abstracts to:

And please register for the event at:

Location: REAL Classroom, 3 West, Main Library
Price: free
Sponsor: Administration
Contact: Thomas Padilla
email pic
phone pic 517-353-8700