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Year of Global Africa: Eye on Africa - Shingi Mavima  (Academic)

About the Speaker:

Shingi Mavima is a Ph.D candidate in the African American and African program at MSU, and his dissertation is titled "Popular Expressions of Pan-Africanism and Southern African" Nationalism(s): Transformations, Tensions and Reconciliations in South Africa and Zimbabwe. His peer-reviewed publications include "Bigger by the Dozens: The Prevalence of Afro-Based Tradition in. Battle Rap" (Journal of Hip Hop Studies) and "A Historiographical Interrogation of Literature and Discourse on the Gukurahundi Massacres (1982- 1987)" as well as "Stories of Struggle: The Intractability of Early African Fiction from Nascent African Nationalism in Rhodesia" both published in the Journal of Pan-African Studies.

About the Talk:

This presentation discusses how the 'new' government- and the society at large- are negotiating the legacy of this polarizing ideology one year since he was deposed from power.

Location: Rm 201 International Center
Sponsor: African Studies Center
Contact: Ann Biersteker
email pic
phone pic 517-884-2154