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Mandela@100 Symposium: Reflections in Action (Save the Date)  (Special Events)

The 2018 celebration of 100th anniversary of the birth year of Nelson Mandela provides an opportunity for people around the world to reflect on his life and times and to promote his legacy. To mark this centenary and, as part of MSU's Year of Global Africa, graduate and undergraduate students are planning a series of Mandela@100 activities. The theme is Justice and Fairness, with an emphasis on youth and student engagement.  

Mandela@100 will include guest lectures by South African scholars and leaders from the Nelson Mandela Museum and the Stellenbosch University Museum. There will be student panels, visual representations of South Africa's culture and an open mic session in which MSU students, faculty and staff can share original artistic works. A special program feature will be an Ubuntu Dialogue session between students at MSU and South Africa. They will be able to discuss critical issues pertaining to social injustices and solutions in the United States and South Africa. The multiple planned and pop-up events that will occur throughout the day will provide many opportunities for participation in unique learning experiences.  

Other South African cultural heritage partners, including Dream Fuel, Lwandle Migrant Labour Museum and the Robben Island Museum, have played roles in helping plan the day's activities. Before and after Mandela@100 there will be other activities to raise additional awareness of the international legacy of Nelson Mandela.

The Nelson Mandela Museum and the Stellenbosch University Museum have partnered with the Michigan State University Museum on a variety of projects over the last decade and are now part of Ubuntu: Museums and Communities Connect, a consortium of South African and American cultural heritage organizations that are working together to incubate and test creative strategies to engage youth in cultural heritage activities. The Ubuntu: Museums and Communities Connect project funded through an Alliance for African Partnerships grant provided by MSU's African Studies Center.

The schedule is coming soon!

Location: MSU
Price: Free
Contact: Marsha Macdowell
email pic