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National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory Seminar  (Conferences / Seminars / Lectures)

A significant fraction of stars between 7 and 11 solar masses are thought to become supernovae, but the explosion mechanism is unclear. Does the star collapse to a neutron star, or is it disrupted by a thermonuclear explosion? As it turns out, the answer depends critically on a small number of electron-capture reactions that take place in the star's degenerate oxygen-neon core. Of particular interest are the electron captures on 20Ne, which trigger the explosive burning of oxygen. In this webinar, I will review our current understanding of the final evolution of intermediate-mass stars, focusing on the important role played by the electron-capture reactions. I will discuss recent progress made in constraining the all-important electron-capture rate on 20Ne, clarify the astrophysical implications, and identify remaining gaps in our knowledge. The speaker of this webinar will be Oliver Kirsebom from Dalhousie University.

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Location: Online via Zoom [map]
Price: free
Sponsor: National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory
Contact: National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory
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phone pic 517-355-9671