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Math Seminar Series  (Conferences / Seminars / Lectures)


Patrick Daniels from University of Michigan will be speaking.

The title of the presentation is "Displays and p-divisible groups with G-structure."

This is a virtual meeting.

Contact Georgios Pappas ( for more information.

Rapoport-Zink formal schemes are moduli spaces of p-divisible groups equipped with additional structures coming from an algebraic group. In order to define these formal schemes in general, one is led to search for the "right" way to endow a p-divisible group with the structure of an arbitrary algebraic group. We discuss a Tannakian approach to this problem using Zink's theory of displays, and we explain how it recovers another approach using crystalline Tate tensors in the Hodge-type case.

more information...

Location: Zoom link provided on Math Seminars page [map]
Price: free
Sponsor: Department of Mathematics
Contact: Department of Mathematics
phone pic (517) 353-0844